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ISS Tracker Skill

Information by jarbasai
Track the location of the International Space Station #Examples "Where is the ISS" "Who is on board of the space station" "When is the ISS passing over" "Tell me about the ISS" "how many persons on board of the space station"
addon space mycroft iss nasa skills
5 .0
Jun 26 2020

Chandra X-ray Observatory Skill

Information by jarbasai
Pictures from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory ## Examples * "picture from chandra x ray observatory" * "latest nasa x ray observatory picture" * "explain" * "tell me about chandra x ray observatory" Can be used as idle screen for the mark2
addon mycroft skills nasa chandra space
5 .0
Jun 25 2020

8Fact Skill

Information by jarbasai
Random facts from 8 Fact
addon mycroft skills facts
5 .0
Jun 13 2020

Food Wizard

Information by AIIX
Get popular recipes and how to cook directions based on combination of Ingredient keywords
mycroft skills food addon
5 .0
Jun 03 2020