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Wayne June readings of H. P. Lovecraft Skill

Entertainment by jarbasai
Wayne June readings of H. P. Lovecraft - "The Thing on the Doorstep" is a horror short story by American writer H. P. Lovecraft, part of the Cthulhu Mythos universe. It was written in August 1933, and first published in the January 1937 issue of Weird Tales. Daniel Upton, the story's narrator,...
lovecraft audiobook reading mycroft skill addon
Mar 10 2021

Parrot Skill

Entertainment by jarbasai
Make Mycroft repeat whatever you want, Turn Mycroft into a parrot. Speak a phrase and listen to it repeated Repeats recent audio transcriptions and text to speech outputs * "Repeat what you just said" * "Repeat that" * "Can you repeat that?" * "What did I just say?" * "Tell me what I...
mycroft skill echo test repeat addon
Feb 25 2021

Mock Backend Skill

Configuration by jarbasai
Disable mycroft from phoning Just install the skill and backend will be disabled
mycroft skill backend mock privacy addon
Jan 09 2021

Email Commands Skill

Configuration by jarbasai
you phone and tell mycroft to do it NOTE: you need to edit mycroft.conf before using this skill
mycroft email remote commands skill addon
Sep 13 2020

Futurism Cartoons Skill

Entertainment by jarbasai
Comics from futurism cartoons - Can be used as idle screen for mark2
mycroft skill cartoon comic skills addon
Aug 06 2020

Wallpapers Skill

Configuration by jarbasai
Change wallpaper and get pictures from selected subreddits ## Examples * "new wallpaper" * "change wallpaper to nature" * "show me a picture" * "show me a picture with dogs" * "make that my wallpaper"
addon mycroft wallpaper background pictures skill
Jul 06 2020

Wikihow Skill

Information by jarbasai
your teeth. This skill enables Mycroft to answer a lot of "how to" questions with step by step guide
mycroft skill wiki how guide addon
Jul 05 2020

Pickup Lines Skill

Entertainment by jarbasai
Pickup lines from and Use in front of others at your own risk
addon mycroft skill funny pickup
Jun 13 2020

James Webb Space Telescope Skill

Information by jarbasai
Pictures from James Webb Space Telescope ## Examples * "picture from james webb telescope" * "explain" * "tell me about the james webb telescope"
nasa space mycroft skill telescope addon
Jun 29 2020

National geographic picture of the day

Entertainment by jarbasai
National Geographic Picture of the Day Can be used as idle screen for mark2
idle mycroft skill pictures mark2 addon
Jun 25 2020